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6 Best Backpack Vacuums Cleaners for Home and Industrial Use in 2023

Do you have a big house? Does your ordinary vacuum doesn’t long last? is it difficult to drag the cleaners?  Then today we will apprise you of a far better option than an ordinary cleaner that’s a backpack vacuum.

With one dirtbag backpack, you can clean your big house twice. These best backpack vacuums are quick, efficient, and cut half of the cleaning time. Backpack vacuum cleaners have a strap to be carried on your shoulders so you can get rid of dragging like an ordinary cleaner.

? Why use a Backpack Vacuum?

Backpack vacuums have different advantages one of which is high-quality filtration to wipe away all the germs. They filter the air and protect you from harmful chemicals and lower the possibility of diseases.

To develop ease in cleaning they have different tools for furniture, pet hair, and heavy messes. With all these factors house cleaning become a very effective and reliable approach.

There are several other advantages you can have with a vacuum backpack but certain factors should always be kept in mind like Cord length, weight, and dirt capacity. By examining these factors, we have listed here the top backpack vacuums for your serenity we hope you can find according to your need.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum
ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum
  • Telescopic wand for ceiling
  • Lightweight and pliable
  • Removes stains
Premium Pick
ProVac FS 6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum
ProVac FS 6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum
  • 4-Stage HEPA filtration
  • Best for low-pile carpets
  • CRI gold certifies
Editor’s Choice
Atrix HEPA Egro Pro Backpack Vacuum
Atrix HEPA Egro Pro Backpack Vacuum
  • Small size
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Pet-friendly vacuum

6 Best Backpack Vacuums for 2023

1. ProTeam Commercial- Top Rated Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam Commercial- Top Rated Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam Commercial backpack vacuum is ideal for commercial use because of HEPA filtration. HEPA filtration is the most important characteristic of ProTeam Commercial; it has four stages of different filters to guarantee bacteria-free dirt.

ProTeam Commercial has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) which ensures the quality of the air. If you have asthma, ProTeam Commercial will help you with unharmed breathing because it is proven to knock down asthma-encouraging bacteria.

I assume you would also appreciate ProTeam Commercial’s 50-foot cord offering you 3 Sq. Ft more cleaning area than any other vacuum. Apart from the 50 ft. cord, the motor produces 1188 W and delivers 150 cubic feet of airflow each minute.

Another best feature ergonomic wand that provides stronger airflow, speeding up cleaning 30% more. However, it sometimes slows down and cannot clean tight places.

It is lightweight so it is easy to move around your home. Another interesting thing is that ProTeam Commercial includes a tool belt and a cord hook for easy handling.

ProTeam Commercial has proved to be very effective for low-pile carpets and hard floors. Additionally, it features a set of attachments such as an upholstery tool for regular cleaning, a telescopic wand to reach ceilings, and a multi-surface tool with a dusting brush for cleaning low-pile carpets.

However, it is not made to clean high-pile carpets; it can’t remove pet dander and hair from them and may pull off their fibers.

What I like?
  • CRI certified vacuum
  • Telescopic wand for ceiling
  • Lightweight and pliable
  • Removes stains
  • Quiet operation and best for commercial use
  • Highly recommended for asthma patients
What I don’t like?
  • Not suitable for high-pile vacuum
  • Sometimes difficult to reach tight places

If you have a hard floor, want to clean rugs, low pile carpet, vents, or furniture, ProTeam Commercial is a reliable and the best option for you. It gives effective cleaning without leaving stains and dirt.

2. Hoover CH30000 Porta- Most Powerful Backpack Vacuum

Hoover CH30000 Porta- Most Powerful Backpack Vacuum

The Hoover CH30000’s back vacuum cleaner has the biggest advantage which is its weight. It only weighs 8.3 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry. It comes with a strap that is adjusted all around the body to balance the weight and make it easier to move.

All these features are bundled into a powerful motor with 900 W of power, a 7.4 amp motor, and powerful suction. Compact designs are lucrative for deep cleaning as well as regular cleaning. These features adhere to pet hair, dander, and embedded dirt. There are some best vacuums for long hair too.

The Hoover CH30000 backpack vacuum is equipped with a 33-foot-long cord, just like any other backpack vacuum. Long cords allow us to clean large areas without unplugging switches.

The cord is also flexible and can be used under furniture. It’s very convenient to reach the ceilings and cobwebs, and can even clean cars. However, the cord has a short hose which could be problematic at times. There is a downside to a cord: there is no hook to grasp the cord.

It’s a versatile unit with an upholstery tool to pick up regular dirt and for soft cleaning, a crevice tool, a nozzle for rugs, and different brushes for hair pickup and furniture cleaning. But it’s a little toilsome to handle all these tools.

Those tools will help you to clean low-pile carpets but they cannot be used on high-pile carpets. It’s a bagless vacuum and can be used both commercially and professionally like in hospitals, offices, and homes. Even it can be used in open-air places like garages as a blower.

What I like?
  • Affordable vacuum
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Reusable cloth
  • Can work as a blower
  • Gives a dust-free environment
What I don’t like?
  • Small hose
  • Difficult to handle attachments
  • Can’t be used on high-pile carpets

You should purchase this backpack vacuum cleaner for low-pile carpets especially if you need a blower. It’s both commercial and professional cleaners at an affordable price.

3. Atrix HEPA Standard- Best Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Atrix HEPA Standard- Best Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum is a low-profile, versatile backpack vacuum cleaner that is the most comfortable and affordable. It has the best 8-quart HEPA filtration and captures over 99% of particles. It has a fine quality and it can store a large amount of dirt so you don’t have to do the effort of cleaning the tank on daily basis.

The user says it’s a lightweight small-size vacuum suitable for regular cleaning.  As it is lightweight, only 10 pounds makes it reliable to carry on shoulders. Further, it gives a continuous cleaning as it doesn’t get hot even after a long time of vacuuming, so you don’t have to take a break or wait to cool it down.

This motor is highly powerful with 120 V Power and 106 CFM to clean small areas. The motor is strong enough to clean pet dander hairs, pet waste, and stuck dirt, and it can also help clean cabinets. Meanwhile, the short cord, of the Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum is a little disturbing. However, you can extend the cord to deal with the issue.

The Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum comes packed with incredible attachment tools. It comes with an extension wand for adjusting the height, round brushes for cleaning up tight spots, a furniture nozzle for cleaning all the furniture without leaving any stains, and a turbo brush.

These tools can be easily stored with the Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum, which has a loop on the belt where all tools are attached, so you can use them correctly and change them frequently while cleaning.

What I like?
  • Can work as a blower with blower adopter
  • Small size, lightweight and flexible
  • Comes along with an Extension wand and a cleaning bag
  • Pet-friendly vacuum
What I don’t like?
  • Short cord
  • Loud operation

The Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum is included in the list of best backpack vacuums for regular home cleaning efficiency. It has a compact size and all the features you need to have for instant cleaning of a house. I recommend it if you are looking for a regular backpack house vacuum.

4. Hoover Commercial- Best Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Hoover Commercial- Best Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Hoover is a backpack vacuum bagless which is perfect for both commercial and home usage. With a beautiful and compact design, it’s useful for restaurants, offices, and homes. It’s a small vacuum that can be settled anywhere so you don’t have to worry about the vacuum’s setup.

It’s a lightweight 9-pound vacuum with 48 feet of cord so you won’t need to keep plugging the cord again and again. There’s also an extended cord that can be used for extra-large cleaning areas at once or to reach high places. With hose has a harness that allows you to control the vacuum pressure to avoid stains. The hose is 60 inches wide so you can reach far places and ensure perfect cleaning.

The Hoover C2401 is a vacuum with two options: you can use it with or without a bag, depending on how you like it. To use a bag, there are also two types of bags: disposable and cloth liner bags specially designed for pet waste.

This vacuum cleaner uses a proprietary cyclonic vacuum with a chiropractor design for different adjusting options. It is quiet, which enables its users to continue cleaning while conversing.

You’ll also find a brush upholstery attachment for regular cleaning of furniture, a dusting brush for hard surfaces, and a crevice tool. All these attachments can be used with the adapter. Take care of the adapter if you lose it accidentally.

What I like?
  • Can be used with or without the bag
  • Best for big houses
  • Lightweight vacuum with chiropractor design
  • The lid on the vacuum to monitor dirt level
  • Silent operation with HEPA technology
What I don’t like?
  • Wand can’t be adjusted
  • In case you lost the adapter tools can’t be handle

Hoover C2401 is the finest vacuum to be used if you have a big house or a large commercial area. It’s a silent vacuum so it doesn’t cause distress while cleaning. Moreover, if you want to have a both bag and bagless vacuum in one Hoover C2401 is a convenient approach.

5. ProVac FS 6- Best Industrial Backpack Vacuum

ProVac FS 6- Best Industrial Backpack Vacuum

ProVac FS backpack vacuum is the best for professional use. It is ideal for use in restaurants and offices; it is a CRI gold-certified vacuum. Its aggregate features are made for heavy messes and different hard floors. It can also be used for regular cleaning and in low-pile carpets.

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A ProVac FS has a 50-foot cord which is longer than any other backpack vacuum and is optimal for large areas. The unit has a harness to keep it cool and reduce the heat.

Further, it is a lightweight unit that can be carried on shoulders without strain. The plus point is motor is super strong and generates 1108 W of power, strong suction, and 159 CFM of air to circulate for fast and accurate cleaning.

Our research indicates the ProVac FS has the most tenacious filter. It has a 4-stage HEPA filter that will filter out all the dirt, bacteria, and germs that can harm your lungs. It is also a partner of the American Lung Association. Furthermore, the dirtbag is easy to install, remove, and maintain.

Various attachments are more powerful than other vacuums, and there is a carpet floor tool for low-pile carpets. It doesn’t pull the fiber and clean them properly, but remember it is not for high-pile carpets, an upholstery tool for regular sharp cleaning.

What I like?
  • 4-Stage HEPA filtration
  • Best for low-pile carpets
  • CRI gold certifies
  • Can be used on various floors
What I don’t like?
  • Not suitable for high-pile carpets

ProVac FS is perfect for people with asthma because it is equipped with the most powerful filter and removes all asthma-causing particles. Moreover, if you need a vacuum for dining or lounge, it is the best recommendation because it is specially designed for large rooms and food serving areas.

6. Bissell BigGreen BG1001- Best Budget Backpack Vacuum

Bissell BigGreen BG1001- Best Budget Backpack Vacuum

BG1001 is the best commercial backpack vacuum you can have for regular cleaning. It’s the most adjustable, pliable, and flexible vacuum you can get. You can reach all the difficult places no matter how high up they are. The nozzle is also long enough to reach the ceiling so that you can clean the fans. It also has a power switch on the nozzle so you can turn the switch off/on during cleaning.

The Bissell BG1001 has a 1375 Watt Ametek motor with a heat sensor so the motor does not burn out after long-term use. It has a swivel scuff 4-foot vacuum hose and a 50-foot power cord to reach all the places.

The Bissell BG1001 has eight different attachments to clean embedded dirt and for different things like furniture, the ceiling, and carpets. It’s an excellent cleaner for large spaces and flexibility. Based on its functionalities it’s one of the best backpack vacuums for carpets.

It contains a smooth waist belt so you will not feel pressured and with the help of twisted led it becomes easier to reach areas. But keep in mind this vacuum is meant for regular cleaning but not for professional cleaning. We can say it is a home backpack vacuum cleaner.

The tank has a 10-quart capacity more than any other backpack vacuum so you can clean more areas without emptying after a single use. Along with a disposable filter that is easy to change. While in use, be careful not to let it get too hot while cleaning otherwise it will burn.

What I like?
  • Powerful ametek motor
  • 10 quart dirt tank
  • Adjustable strap
  • Best for hard floors
  • High-filtration
What I don’t like?
  • Can’t be use for professional cleaning

If you want to purchase a vacuum for regular cleaning Bissell BG1001 is a perfect vacuum for you especially if your house has hard floors. Moreover, if flexibility and pliability are your preference Bissell BG1001 has both so you can have it without any fear.

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? Types of Backpack Vacuums

There are a lot of the best backpack vacuum cleaner brands that are famous all around the world. So, knowing which type of backpack vacuum you need is more critical.

Here are some types of vacuum backpack cleaners that help narrow your choice down.

Corded Backpack Vacuum

It is the most common type of backpack vacuum, which works on an outlet rather than a battery. The best thing about these vacuums is that they are reliable and work long.

So, if you want to go for an outside trip or an activity, we recommend buying these vacuums due to their benefits and durability features.

However, as these run on the outlet, take your cables with you to avoid any issues later. They have long suctioned so that you can clean an extended area at a time.

Cordless Backpack Vacuums

Unlike corded vacuums, these are based on battery power rather than outlets. Here you don’t need to carry a lot of cables with you all time.

But charge the battery before going outside and enjoy these vacuums. However, these are based on battery power, so these are limited to work time.

Bagged Backpack Vacuums

A bagged backpack vacuum uses a bag to dispose of the waste material during the cleaning job. These are more reliable and hygienic than bagless types of vacuum.

However, they offer an extra cost as you need to replace the bag once it’s filled with waste material and debris. Similarly, these are not as eco-friendly as bagless vacuums are.

Bagless Backpack Vacuums

Instead of a bag, they use a container directly attached to these backpack vacuums. When this container is filled, you need to open and empty it. The negative point is that they may cause dirt and other particles to come into the environment or even on your hands and clothes.

But using these vacuums is easy as you know when it’s going to fill and when you need to empty them. Also, these are affordable as compared to bagged vacuums.

? Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Backpack Vacuum

Backpack vacuums are perfect if you desire a high-quality cleaning, but they will not do the job if they lack certain attributes. There are several types of backpack vacuums available, and it is very difficult to select the right one.

For your convenience, we have prepared a buying guide that includes all the features a backpack vacuum should have for regular and professional cleaning to get the most out of it. You need to read it carefully before buying a backpack vacuum and check if it falls into these categories.

Here are a few things you need to check.

High Filtration

An excellent backpack vacuum should be able to have a high level of filtration. If the backpack vacuum can’t get rid of dirt and germs, then what good is it for?

Thus, it is essential to check whether the vacuum you are buying has a HEPA filter. It will give you fresh air, a safe breathing passage, and protect you from lung diseases.

Cord Size

Cleaning takes less time if the outlet does not need to be changed frequently. If the outlet needs to be changed frequently cleaning will take more time. To save you time, buy yourself a long cord that can reach high places such as ceilings and clean cobwebs.

In this case, the unit has a short cord to make sure the unit has an extension. However, cord length varies from house to house or from area to area, but it is appropriate to have a cord longer than 25 feet.


One advantage backpack vacuums have over ordinary vacuums is that they are lightweight.

While searching for backpack vacuums, we found some cheap vacuums, but they were heavy. With these heavy vacuums, their users were devastated since they were unable to carry them on their shoulders.

The primary reason is that it causes severe muscle pain and in the end, such heavier vacuums are of no use. Consider not only the price but also the vacuum’s weight when buying one.

Other Attachments

It is not possible to clean everything with a single tool. Different attachments are required to perform different cleaning tasks with a backpack vacuum.

The vacuum should have an upholstery tool, an extension wand to adjust the height, an extension cord, a floor tool to clean hard messes, a dusting brush to pick up pet hair, a soft dusting nylon brush for furniture, etc.


Noise has no upshot on the quality of cleaning, but it can hurt your ears. Furthermore, a high level of noise irritates people around you, so it is preferable to have a vacuum that emits less than 70DB. It will allow you to continue cleaning while talking.

Dirt Capacity

You will have to empty the dirtbag or tank often if the backpack vacuum has a small dirt capacity. If the bag has a capacity of over 5 Quarts, you will be able to clean multiple rooms with one bag.

So, it is better to purchase a vacuum with more dirt capacity.

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? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do dose backpack vacuums work on pile carpets?

Yes, they are highly recommended for low-pile carpets, but they are not suitable for high-pile carpets as they don’t clean them effectively and can pull their fibers.

Which tools can be used for pet hairs in a backpack vacuum?

Tools like a dusting brush, nylon brush, and an upholstery tool can be used with backpack vacuums to clean pet hairs.

What is the idle motor power for a backpack vacuum?

Motor matters a lot in a backpack vacuum it should be in the range of 800-1200W power.

? Final Verdict

Best backpack vacuums not only clean your home or commercial areas but are also a great way to increase your cleaning efficiencies. These backpack vacuums save you time, money, and energy at a time.

Above is a detailed review of the products. Before opening your order check if it is sealed or not. Before using, examine if all the parts are proper for you to see a breakage contact with amazon help. I hope these reviews can help you.

All these backpack vacuums are best for cleaning. However, some people may need high efficiency and others prefer the affordable price. Below is our top picks of products that are not only affordable but have higher cleaning efficiencies and are easy to use.

Whether you need commercial backpack vacuum cleaners or you need home cleaners, these are always the perfect choice.

These three vacuums are top-rated and are recommended by our editors.

For more information on the latest vacuum cleaning technologies keep reading our latest blogs.

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