Best Central Vacuum Systems – Top Rated Whole Home Cleaners in 2023

We all love tidying houses, for which we need to clean the houses regularly  No matter how much we hate cleaning, in the end, we have to do it. But we can make cleaning faster, smoother, and easier wondering how? Yes, with the help of the best central vacuum systems we can do it. Central vacuum systems are facile in cleaning. 

These central vacuum systems have pipes situated inside the walls, making it a tidy setup. So, they can be installed anywhere like the lounge, kitchen, or garage.

I like the various features of the central vacuum system for example it can dispose of dirt either in bags or in the air outside the home. Moreover, it can be used to clean carpets, decks, patios, kitchens, etc., by simply plugging the hose into the vacuum system.

Central vacuums are perfect for long-term cleaning according to our research a fine central vacuum can last long for 20 years. After doing detailed research we have made a list of the best central vacuum systems.

A reliable central vacuum shouldn’t produce noise,  never stir the dust, and have a large tank and a long hose. Keeping in mind all these factors we have prepared a list of the 8-best central vacuums.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Vacuum System
OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Vacuum System
  • Removes 99% dirt
  • Silent (noise-free cleaning)
  • Soft/stop technology
Premium Pick
Nutone PP550 PurePower Central Vacuum
Nutone PP550 PurePower Central Vacuum
  • Small size
  • 5o foot long hose
  • 6 gallon dirt capacity
Editor’s Choice
Nadair Compact 600 AW Hybrid Central Vacuum
Nadair Compact 600 AW Hybrid Central Vacuum
  • 2- Stage Ametek motor
  • Resist the dust
  • Aluminum mad canister

8 Best Central Vacuum Systems for 2023

Here are the detailed central vacuum systems reviews for the 8- best central vacuum systems these are the most reliable ones.

This guide will help you to choose the right one according to your needs.

1. OVO Heavy Duty- Most Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Vacuum System

Number one our my list is the OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System. The OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System with a splendid steel body is the most widely used and beneficial central vacuum system. It’s an easy-to-install whole-house vacuum regardless of the place. It can be installed in the lounge, room, or garage wherever you like.

OVO has a disposable triple-layer filtration system. Its hybrid air filter removes dirt and allergies from the air almost 99% of the time, making it a super useful tool for your children or if you have an asthma problem. The best thing is filters can be easily washed. Also, OVO has a LED indicator that helps me know if a container needs to be filtered.

The central vacuum cleaner comes with soft-stop technology that can remove everything from the hose within 3 seconds. Two more features are combined to make it a more reliable 120V motor for sharp use on rugs, tiles, and hardwood floors and a 9.25-gallon bag of dirt helps for a long-term cleaning without the hassle of emptying a bag.

With the button switch off/on, the hose is pliable and easy to handle. Hose has a slow start so it does not suddenly rush out the steam to avoid sudden abruption and for a smooth flow.  In the end, I can say OVO is the best central vacuum cleaner but the only thing that needs to be added is an inlet attachment for a hose however it doesn’t affect its cleaning ability.

What I like?
  • 9.25-gallon dirt capacity
  • Removes 99% dirt
  • Silent (noise free cleaning)
  • Soft/stop technology
  • Led indicator to determine gallon capacity
What I don’t like?
  • No inlet attachment for the hose.

2. VacuMaid GV50PRO- Wall Mounted Central Vacuum

VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Central Vacuum

Are you constantly searching for the right steam cleaner for your garage and vehicles like a car? Is it time-consuming and expensive to take your car for washing on daily basis? So, do yourself a favor and buy VacuMaid GV50PRO and reap all the benefits. This cleaner has a 50-foot amazing hose that enables you to easily reach small and tight places in the car. Furthermore, long hoses also assist me in cleaning cobwebs in the garage.

Likewise, OVO Heavy Duty can be installed easily within 30 minutes. There are many ways you can mount your VacuMaid GV50PRO so there is no need to make a special spot for a central vacuum cleaner. VacuMaid GV50PRO’s gal annealed steel gives it a very beautiful look. I would recommend you to set it up in your garage since it’s great for cars and garages and creates a little noise.

The canister has a hanging hook on one side to keep the bag of implements, and a clip to hold the mental wand, sealed in a HEPA bag with 5 layers. The VacuMaid GV50PRO has a bristle tool that helps in removing dog hairs and cleaning the carpet efficiently.

Its only drawback is sometimes the hose slips, but it can be managed with practice. VacuMaid GV50PRO does not require any filters because a 120V motor cleans everything deeply and wipes out all of the germs, dirt, and debris. A 7-gallon dirt capacity is quite sufficient for long use. In addition, Suction is also very effective for cleaning semi-permanent spots.

What I like?
  • Best for cars
  • Easy to mount
  • Low noise
  • 7-gallon dirt capacity
  • Flexible 50-foot hose
What I don’t like?
  • After a long use it began to heat up
  • Hose is slippery

3. Nutone PP550 PurePower- Best Rated Central Vacuum System

Nutone PP500 PurePower best Central Vacuum System Power Unit

Do you have a small house? Are you tired of an aching noise produced by a central vacuum? Then get yourself Nutone PP500 PurePower as it is very quiet and capable of silent cleaning. Nutone PP500 PurePowerNutone PP500 PurePower has been designed according to the needs of small houses. It’s a truly effective and affordable vacuum system for a little house.

It has all the essential features you require for example The Nutone PP500 can hold six-gallon bags it’s a large capacity for a mini house, so you won’t have to repeat the process of cleaning bags again and again. These bags need to be emptied only twice a year.

It is an easy-to-mount,wall-mount central vacuum unit and can be mounted anywhere you like with the least effort. It has a Switch off/on the button to avoid hindrances like when you hear a doorbell you do not need to plug out the main switch just press the off button.

Additionally, a 50-foot hose makes it more staunch and compatible with edges and corners.  Further, the unit produces an effective flow of power with the thru-floor motor. With this motor, you can get five times better and more intense cleaning.

Nutone gives you an extra 6-foot power cord, but you won’t need it unless your home is more than 4500 square feet. Other than a cord, suction produces 500 air watts of power to keep track of a speck of dirt. With such powerful suction the remains no chance of dirt.

What I like?
  • 5o foot long hose
  • 6-gallon dirt capacity
  • Powerful suction
  • Thru-floor motor
  • 5-times powerful than ordinary vacuum
What I don’t like?
  • Not suitable for big houses

4. Imperium CV300- Best Whole Home Central Vacuum System

Imperium CV300 Best Central Vacuum System

Would you like your house to be cleaned up to full perfection? If yes then, imperium is the best choice for you. The Imperium central vacuum cleaners are one of the most widely used and rated vacuum cleaners because of their various attributes and quality of cleaning. Installing the entire setup takes just 25 minutes and then you can enjoy all the features.

If you are tired of cleaning the carpet and vacuuming and steam mopping do not work properly, then you should certainly consider using imperium, as it will make your carpet look brand new and ultramodern. The majority of buyers say Imperium easily cleans animal fur, pet dander, and all the annoying stuff from the carpet.

The 21st century has shown that pure air has become rare, but with the help of imperium, you can set standard settings for HEPA. The air will remain fresh and clean since it will stick to all dust and allergies. Make sure you adjust the filters correctly while using imperium otherwise it will result in a failed motor and it may be difficult to clean the fan and filter.

Imperium produces only 58 decimals of noise, so it is not a big deal. With this amazing unit, and a 6.25-gallon dirtbag you can clean an area of approximately 7400 sq. ft. There is also an indicator that tells the user when bags need to be emptied, so you don’t have to keep checking the capacity of the dirtbag.

What I like?
  • Easy to mount and install
  • 6.25-gallon dirt capacity
  • Indicator to monitor the dirt
  • Produces only 58 dB voice
  • HEPA feature to remove all dust from the air
What I don’t like?
  • Filters are difficult to clean
  • Stuck dust in filter will fail the motor

5. Ultra Clean SC200- Best Steel Central Vacuum system

Ultra Clean SC200 Steel Central Vacuum system

If you want to have a good-looking effective central vacuum, believe me, you are in the dire need of an Ultra clean steel vacuum for cleaning purposes. This ultra-clean vacuum comes with all the features you need for efficient cleaning.

It has a beautiful white color with a super quality interior. Although it is not a cheap vacuum, the quality is guaranteed and it can last for years.

Other vacuums majority lacked an on/off switch on the hose. But ultra-clean avail you the opportunity of easy handling. All you have to do is turn on the button and start cleaning and of it when you are done. Now no need to play hide and seek with the switches.

The motor has a powerful 13.8 amps. It is a two-stage tangential discharge motor with 120 Volts of power. It helps to a great extent and makes cleaning quite easy. This is at least two times more powerful than other vacuums.

The HEPA bags vacuum is installed in the bottom, which makes it clean and doesn’t create any mess. Besides it, the tank has a capacity of 5 gallons of dirt, which is enough for a 7000-square-foot area.

Hybrid technology is an amazing feature and with mounting brackets, it works even better. However, the only issue with installing it is that there is no hose connection with the unit. The company also provides a backup option if there is still a problem.

What I like?
  • Versatile stylish design
  • Can clean area more than 7000 sq. ft.
  • Hybrid technology
  • 5-gallon dirt capacity
  • Highly powered motor with 13.8amp
What I don’t like?
  • No hose connection with inlet
  • No attachment at all

6. Prolux CV12000- Best Central Vacuum System for Money

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit

The most used central vacuum system worldwide is Prolux CV12000 because of its extraordinary cleaning abilities and characteristics. It has a three-stage filtration system with a washable HEPA filter and a clean filter. Not only does Proulx keep your home clean, but it also removes dirt and germs.

A dirt chamber has a capacity of 4 gallons and it has a window for determining dirt levels to help track when the chamber needs to be emptied. 4-gallon dirt capacity makes it more suitable for the garage, long, and kitchen. As it is enough for an area of up to 12000 sq. ft and doesn’t produce noise.

The motor has a 150 CFM rating as well as a 10-year warranty. To protect the motor and filters, the entire central vacuum is made of steel. Proulx has a 30-foot-long hose with a fingertip dual-speed switch. Simply turn on the switch and start cleaning.

The nozzle is another vital feature it is so tight that you don’t have to ache your hands to fix it. Occasionally the Withal hose end causes problems while cleaning as it is small. Because the hose is long and flexible, it can easily reach everywhere sucking up all the dirt and germs.

What I like?
  • 30-foot long hose
  • Motor with 150 CFM power
  • 4-gallon dirt capacity
  • 3-stage filtration
  • Fingertip dual-speed switch
What I don’t like?
  • Hose edge is small

7. Nadair Compact 600- Best AW Central Vacuum Power system

Nadair Compact 600 AW Central Vacuum Power system

Since carpets are difficult to clean and get dirty very quickly, they require a very strong vacuum cleaner that is Nadair. With Nadair, your problem will be solved easily and quickly. It has everything you need for your carpet cleaning.

This vacuum power system comes with 6 adjustable carpet beaters, an upholstery brush, a 12-inch floor brush, a dusting brush, and much more. You don’t have to worry about these accessories’ settlement because Nadair gives you an accessory bag to store them.

Although it is expensive, Nadair’s dust resistance is what gives it its price. This will make your indoor air pristine by resisting dust. With less than 22 pounds of weight, it can be mounted quickly. On the other hand, the hose is 30 feet long and made with very strong material. The 30-foot hose is very convenient and can clean an area of up to 7000 sq. ft.

A US-made Ametek motor is also available in two stages. By providing high voltage and power, it helps to remove all the stains from furniture. Having 600 air watts makes it even more powerful.

Other than carpets Nadair can be used on other floors also as hardwood and ceramic. Also with beautiful red color and an aluminum-made canister at the bottom, it is an ideal setup for a lounge or kitchen.

What I like?
  • 2- Stage Ametek motor
  • Resist the dust
  • Aluminum mad canister
  • Reliable for carpets and all floor types
  • Uses noise-blocking foam
What I don’t like?
  • Sometimes Latches stop working
  • Not a appropriate choice for big houses

8. BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Best Small Size Central Vacuum System

BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Central Vacuum system

If we talk about cleaning, how can we forget Bissell? Bissell always promises the best quality and price, which has led it to become one of the best vacuum brands in past years. Bissell users know how powerful Bissell is with its strong units.

Their motto is to save pets, and Bissell has always been successful in doing so. Bissell vacuums have also been designed for pet owners. If you’re tired of your pet’s toddler, their dirty hair all over your house, then you’ll love Bissell’s amazing suction because it cleans everything.

The power is 12 amps, which is excellent power no matter what size home you have. Furthermore, it comes with an accessory bag that contains 7 other attachments, like barefoot, upholstery, extension wand, etc.

Bissell has a very attractive grey color and a 32-foot pliable hose can rise to the wall because it is easily mounted with the wall. Even on the high-temperature hose, the hose is not stiff nor noisy.

Cars can also be cleaned with them. One drawback is that it weighs about 32 pounds, making it quite heavy. You can use it twice a week to clean your floors, carpets, and cars. All in one, it is the best central vacuum system.

What I like?
  • 4-gallon dirt capacity
  • 7-attachments
  • Can clean pet waste, toddler and hairs etc
  • Lithium powered carpet cleaner
  • 12 amp power motor
What I don’t like?
  • Heavy weight

How Do Central Vacuum Systems Work?

Nowadays, everyone uses the best central vacuuming, and it’s necessary to understand its work. The reason is that it exactly uses this device without any hurdles or damage for a long time. The work is somehow attentive to understanding. However, it’s not tough to understand. Read the guide below for working!

First of all, a power unit is probably installed for permanent usage. The reason is that changing its place may cause some critical issues. So, make sure to install this unit in a safe place where it’s not needed to change it again and again.

In this next, there is a hose and some outlets. You can install a hose at any outside place and carefully connect the outlets. So, connect the hose by switch first and then connect it to the power systems. Connect the same power and switch by hose at its one end.

When it comes to knowing how it cleans away the Air and the surrounding, a filtration system works better. Right after this system, there is a container, and it is the place where all debris and dust particles are removed. Hence, the end goal is to get clean Air free of debris, dust, chemicals, and toxic substances.

🤔 Why Choose the Central Vacuum System?

Investing in central vacuum systems means that you are now free from spending a lot of money on traditional vacuums and other things you probably use in your routine.

Here are some points about a central vacuum system which attracts customers in daily routine besides its expensive price features:

High Energy Efficiency

These systems are energy efficient and are highly recommended by our professionals. These are much better than traditional vacuums, which are expensive and smaller. Moreover, traditional vacuums are only useful for small areas.

Instead, these central vacuum systems have a powerful suction pump, and due to this these worked for a long time. These systems are helpful to cope with large areas where the Air is very dangerous. So, install these systems and get a toxic-free environment.

Clean the Air up to the Maximum Level

Traditional vacuum systems are only capable of coping with limited chemicals and substances. Even the HEPA filter, which is considered the top priority, has a single unit, due to which it’s not enough to make it reputed for a long time.

But these latest central systems are able enough to purify Air, including the smallest dust particles and toxic chemicals. These have more than one unit, due to which the chances of cleaning Air become double. Furthermore, these are free of allergic effects, and they don’t harm your pets or anything else at your home.

Easy to Maintain and are Comfortable

Another important feature of these vacuum systems s their ease of maintenance and comfortable level. Traditional styles vacuums are tough to maintain. Their size is small, and many things are awaiting in small size to take your precious time.

But these latest vacuum systems are very easy to maintain so you can save time and energy. Furthermore, their warranty time is longer, and you don’t need to replace them as they are durable.

💡 Buying guide for Central Vacuum System

Central vacuums are the most suited for deep, instant, and orderly cleaning. All the vacuums we reviewed are the best ones. But to have a perfect central vacuum there are so many things that need to be taken into the account.

No matter how much money you spent on a central vacuum without all these factors it will become useless. I would suggest you, first of all, determine all the things you want to have in a central vacuum then check the vacuum you are purchasing have certain attributes or not.

The attributes you need to examine are listed below:

Cord length

The more the length of the cord more the area can be cleaned at once. A long cord makes the central vacuum more flexible and helps them to reach tight places like nooks and corners.

One more thing you need to check is cord must be lightweight. The lesser the weight easier it will be to carry. Heavy cords are not pliable and cause pain in the user’s hands.

On the other hand, a small cord will limit the area as you can’t move the central vacuums. It will cause a problem and you wouldn’t be able to clean a single room. So try to have a long corded vacuum or you can have an extension also.


Suction is the most notable feature of the central vacuum. It comes under direct contact with dirt and all the spots. If it is powerful it will quickly wipe all the dirt.

However, if the suction is not powerful enough it will take a long time to clean the dirt. An abortive suction leads to a fruitless cleaning which is of no use at all.

It is better to check if the suction can remove stuck dirt and is capable of catching pet hair and pet dander. If the suction works burly cleaning will become easier and more cogent.


While purchasing the central vacuum noise level should be kept in mind. The noise is counted as a bad feature in a central vacuum. It interrupts the cleaning and aches the ears.

Besides, it disturbs all the people in the surrounding. It can affect the efficiency of work and cause a lot of disturbance. Hence it is important to have a silent central vacuum system.

If you are unable to find a super silent system then at least try to have a central vacuum with less than 70Db noise.

HEPA filtration and potent filters

HEPA filtration helps not in cleaning but also in killing various bacteria and germs. A central vacuum system becomes more effective when it has HEPA filtration.

Other than HEPA you need to check if the filters used in the vacuum are potent and high quality. The stronger filter will help you to catch more dirt and wipe away the viruses.

Otherwise weak filters will not be able to sterilize and clean effectively. This simply means a vacuum without potent filters is a waste of money. So, remember to check the capability of the filters.

Tank Capacity

Central vacuums are a little more difficult to empty than an ordinary steam mop or vacuum. With a small tank, you will be in trouble.

I would highly recommend you buy a vacuum with a tank of more than 15L capacity. This capacity is the idle capacity for a small and large area.

Additionally, try to have a vacuum with a LED indicator. The indicator will let you know when you need to empty the tank and you will have no need to check the tank repeatedly.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the led indicator important In central vacuums?

To act as a reminder to empty the dirt gallon. If you forget to empty the dirt gallon dust can reach sensitive parts of the unit and ruin it.

How long cord helps in cleaning through a central vacuum?

It is only possible to clean a whole room with a central vacuum if the cord is long. So a long cord is essential if you want to vacuum a whole room with a central vacuum.

What is the most essential part of a central vacuum?

Without a powerful motor unit, central vacuum cleaners will not be able to remove grease and grime. Nor will they last very long.

🎯 Final Verdict

Above was the list of Best Central Vacuum Systems. Every product has its own features, downsides, Pros, and Cons. So choose wisely which vacuum is required for you.

These central vacuums are the best for cleaning. However, for your quick convenience, we at Justiry would recommend you buy these three top picks.

We hope that now you can easily select the best central vacuum system as per your need and requirements. Still, if you have any issues leave a comment in the comment section. We are always here to solve your issues.

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