Purifier VS Humidifier – Which One Should You Pick?

Purifier VS Humidifier

There are several concerns about purifiers and humidifiers. It appears that the purifier and humidifier are the same but they are not. People think they have the same purpose while they are both extremely different and have their own unique and specific purposes. Here are some differences between a humidifier and a purifier. In order …

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How to Dry Carpets Quickly after Cleaning

how to dry carpet after cleaning

Recently, we have dealt with complaints that carpets remain moist or wet for hours after cleaning. The carpets were observed to dry much slower once vacuumed or steam mopped regardless of the cleaning method used. It remains wet for more than 5 hours after steam cleaning, and in the case of professional cleaning, it can …

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How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Carpet – (Updated)

How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Carpet

The previous article discussed how to remove mold on the carpet. In today’s article, we will explain how to get mildew smell out of the carpet. Mold usually develops in the fibers, but after cleaning other small particles remain, which cause the carpet to smell everywhere. Mildew and odor-causing particles produce smell and breathing problems. …

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How to Get Mold Out of the Carpet – (Updated Guide)

How to Get Mold Out of the Carpet

Now or then we came in contact with different cleaning activities. The most tiring is to remove the mold. Mold can be green, gray, or white. It can occur in corners, walls, toilets, and most probably in carpets. However, if the mold occurs on the walls, it is not much tedious to remove. They can …

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How to Clean Laminate Floors with Steam Mop Easily

how to clean laminate floors using steam mop

Currently laminate floors are quite popular because they give a house an air of glamour and affluence. Laminate floors are inexpensive, easy to install and can last up to 25-years. Because of this, care must be taken when they are used. You can even clean laminate flooring with a simple broom but harsh chemicals and …

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