How To Buy A Steam Mop - Things to Consider

How to Buy a Steam Mop? Important Tips to Consider in 2023

Most people don’t know which steam mop will best suit their house, which causes hindrances and trouble not only in choosing but also in using the steam mop. Also, nothing is more regretful than spending some amount of money and getting nothing in return. So, here we provided some tips on how to buy steam mops in 2023.

Whether you want to get steam mops for laminate floors or hardwood floors, some guides are necessary to follow. Also, steam mops are better than any traditional cleaning substances, specifically on hardwood floors.

So, here is a complete guide that explains some of the factors necessary to follow and buy the mops depending on your need.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Steam Mop

As you are going to spend a considerable amount on a steam mop, it is necessary to look at the following factors:


How long can you lift the heavy steam mop if you want to clean the whole house? To be honest, you won’t be able to do it for long- you will feel an aching in your shoulders and hands while cleaning.

I would recommend you buy a steam mop with lightweights as they are easy to move and are flexible up to a great extent.

Before buying a steam mop, hold it and see if it is light-weighted or not. The steam mop should not weigh more than 16 pounds.

Also, check our guide on how to clean the laminate floor with a steam mop.

Long Extensive Cord

There is no switch on/off button on the steam mop. You need to plug in or unplug the switch to use it.

If you purchase a steam mop with a short cord it may become unmanageable since you will have to change the switch again and again and it will also be problematic in cleaning large rooms.

If you choose a steam mop that is more than 14 ft. long, it will be the most efficient one if you use it for cleaning without changing switches.

Water tank

While buying a steam mop, make sure the water tank has enough capacity and can be used for a long time, since refilling the tank is a waste. The water tank should hold at least 0.2 liters.

Furthermore, if the tank is detachable it can prove very valuable because you can easily lift it to the sink and fill it.

Steam ascendancy and setting

The steam mop does nothing to remove debris, dirt, spots, and germs unless it produces purified finest steam.

However, you need to also know that there are different steam settings because heavy steam can ruin your floors.

High Steam should be used only in permanent spots while normal and low steam is beneficial for regular cleaning and removing dirt and debris.

Pliability and movability

Compared to a rigid steam mop, a pliable steam mop is easier to move underneath furniture and difficult to reach places. It will remove all the dust without any coercion.

So you should check whether the steam mop is pliable or not. If you find a steam mop with a swivel head it may prove to be the best steam mop for laminate flooring as it increases movability like a shark steam mop.

Examine the Varying accessories

If you are buying a multi-task steam mop, you need to examine the accessories it has as a grout cleaner, microfiber pads, nylon brushes, carpet glider, window squeegee, etc.

The steam mop you are buying would not be able to perform all the tasks if it does not include all these varying accessories.

Power capacity and warm-up time

The steam mop should have a power capacity of over 1000W or else it won’t be capable of producing quality steam and wouldn’t clean your floors, kitchen, and washroom.

Steam mop with 1200W is the best steam mop for laminate flooring.

A steam mop is reliable for quick cleaning. If you do not want to wait long for steam, check if it has a warm-up time of fewer than 2 minutes like Bissell.

Inspect the floor type

Before buying a steam mop, it is imperative to observe the floor you intend to use it on.

Different steam mops are made for different floors just like the Light ‘N’ Easy Floor Steamer Steam mop can be used on any floor while Bissell is considered the best steam mop for laminate floors.

The best steam mop for laminate wood floors is a Shark steam mop which is very effective. If your house has pets and you have a toddler then the Hoover steam mop is recommended for use.


It all depends upon your cleaning area, need, and the capacity to handle a mop. Also, look at whether you need a portable mop to carry at different places or you need a fixed mop. Hence, these are some tips to help you buy a steam mop.

Some people recommend some vapor mops, but they are traditional and no longer valued. Moreover, these vapor mops are not as easy to handle as steam mops.

Vapor mops only clean the floor, while steam mops also clean the air and the surrounding place by absorbing harmful bacteria and viruses.

So, don’t wait and buy a steam mop to make your floor clean and free of disease-causing substances. Here are some reliable steam mops which are recommended based on their cleaning job, durability, and low price.

  • Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop
  • Light ‘N’ Easy Floor Steam Cleaners
  • Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop

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