How to Clean Epoxy Floor Easily

How to Clean Epoxy Floor – Easy, Fast, Cheap & Effective

Epoxy floors are now essential and advanced lifestyle due to the value and shiny look they create for your lawn or garages. Most industrial and other professional people now use an epoxy coating to increase the beauty of their personal or professional places. On a similar hand, even a single piece of dust can cause damage to your epoxy floor and create a bad look.

But don’t worry because implementing the right ways and learning how to clean epoxy floors could be a great idea to save from daily dust particles and harmful chemicals.

There are a lot of epoxy floor cleaning machines and epoxy floor cleaning chemicals essential to clean and prolong the life of the epoxy floor.

Why Clean The Epoxy Floor?

A lot of debris and chemicals or even air-born particles when are gathered on the floor surface. They do not only decrease the shine of your floor but also aim to create a terrible smell.

Furthermore, they are a reason to decrease the floor guarantee, and hence you need to change it after an interval.

Implementing the proper ways to keep epoxy floors shiny can be an excellent trick to make your floor shiny and increase warranty time.

On the similar hand, dust and dirt particles are standard in the garages and other outdoor places due to traffic and vehicles.

So, no matter if your epoxy coating is getting damaged or not, we recommend using these critical ways to clean your epoxy floor regularly.

Best Ways to Clean the Epoxy Floor – 5 Tested Methods

Now here are some best and easy-to-implement ways that are useful to clean epoxy floors. Implement these all ways one by one and know which one is good for you!

If you wish simple green to clean the epoxy floor, here is a complete guide.

1. Keep the Floor Surface Dust and Dirt Free

The first and most important method is to keep the surface free of dust and dirt from outside or inside activities.

Dust and dirt will allow other harmful chemicals to come on the surface of the epoxy floor, and ultimately your floor starts to damage slowly.

So, for safety precautions, take a piece of cotton cloth and any other smooth fabric to clean the floor’s surface.

For further cleaning, we recommend using a backpack vacuum cleaner which is helpful to clean dust and other chemicals on the epoxy floor surface.

2. Selecting an Epoxy Floor Cleaner

The next step is to select an epoxy floor cleaner that is useful and does not cause reason to damage your floor. So, if you are curious about the best cleaner for epoxy floors, here is a complete guide for you!

To learn which cleaner performs best for you, you should all clean chemicals and cleaners and then use the one regularly which serves best for you.

3. Spot Cleaning Method

Spot cleaning uses the bristle broom, deck broom, or floor scrubber with a green pad and uses green places by hand. There are some thermal processing and chemicals which are a great way of making your epoxy floor shiny.

The main thing about this process is not cleaning the whole floor but cleaning the affected or dusty area using the above elements we mentioned.

  • Firstly apply the smooth cloth or pad to remove the most massive debris particle.
  • Then use a degreaser or shop towel to scrub the affected surface.
  • Finally, wash the whole area with hot water but don’t apply much water.

But if there are more stains than regular, then using pads and scrubbing for a long time is helpful.

Note: The spot-cleaning process takes time depending upon the intensity of stains, debris, and spots. However, it is an easy process and may take 1 hour or more.

4. Cleaning Agents for Epoxy Floors

Cleaning epoxy floors with vinegar or epoxy floor cleaner liquid is a great agent to clean and maintain the long life of these types of beds.

Some chemicals simultaneously remove spots and all other chemicals and oil spots from the surface, and some substances may take some more time.

Don’t try to implement citreous chemicals and liquids as they can make streaks on the floor. However, you can try soap and soap residues which work effectively.

Use mild soap or soft soap instead of a soap that has a combination of high chemicals. Or you can use a mixture of both of these soaps for better performance.

5. Commercial Epoxy Floor Cleaning Machine

Another effective procedure is using epoxy floor cleaning machines made to use in industrial areas.

These machines are specifically made to use in high-traffic areas and outside areas rather than in homes or offices. The reason is that these are highly designed by using combinations of different chemicals.

At the same time, it implements chemicals, liquids, and scrubs. Hence, in a short time, you can gain all epoxy floor cleaning services.

But we don’t recommend using this procedure regularly as it is cost demanding approach. Also, don’t use it for home or any small place but use at heavy industries and traffic sides.

How to Clean Chemicals and Oils from Epoxy Floors?

Cleaning chemicals and oils from epoxy is not easy, and you may end up worried and hopeless because of a lot of anti-chemical solutions.

On the other hand, these chemicals, oils, and other greasy substances are necessary to remove compared to dust particles and other substances.

The reason is that these chemicals and oils may affect your floors permanently, causing severe issues.

Use an old towel and scrub it on the surface where oils and chemicals are common. In the next step, you need to wash the floor by using moderate hot water so that all the spots are removed carefully.

How to Clean Heavily Soiled Epoxy Floors?

Here are some steps to clean the heavily spoiled epoxy floors

  • Carefully sweep the soiled epoxy floor area with a towel or any other smooth foam or pad
  • Remove all the dust particles and other debris
  • After the surface is free of the largest particles, mop the epoxy-spoiled floor area with foam.
  • Apply some epoxy floor cleaner and clean the whole surface gradually

Note: Don’t allow any chemicals, oil, or cleaner particles on the surface, as these can be the reason to make spots and streaks

How To Clean Unsightly Stains On Epoxy Floors?

Cleaning unsightly stains on epoxy floors is a tricky and crucial task. But don’t worry, here is an easy procedure to clean and make your epoxy floor shiny:

  • Pour warm water where you see unsightly stains
  • Now take a piece of scrub sponge or deck piece and clean the whole area carefully
  • Note: avoid using chemicals like a comet when you use sponge or deck pieces

How to Clean Epoxy Floor | FAQs

Can I use bleach on Epoxy floors?

No, don’t ever try to use bleaching and other substances on the floor as they can damage it instead of making it clean.

Can I pour ammonia on the epoxy floor?

No, pouring ammonia on the epoxy floor is not recommended. Instead, try 1 part of ammonia to mix with three parts of hot water, and now you can pour it.

Can I pressure wash to an epoxy floor?

No, it’s not recommended to pressure wash these types of floors. However, if you are facing intense and small dust particles, then you can do it.

Before doing it, must read precautions or hire or hire a professional for this purpose.

Can I steam an epoxy floor?

Yes, you can use steam cleaning on the epoxy floor because steam has a high strength to remove all greasy and stain particles from any floor.

Can I use a wax coating on the epoxy floor?

In common areas, including homes and offices, it’s not recommended to use. However, you can implement it in areas including high-traffic paths and garages to avoid further floor damaging risks.

Final Verdict

We hope that now you understand how to clean the epoxy floor using chemicals, cleaners, machines, and other tips.

If you still have any confusion or facing an issue while cleaning an epoxy floor, you are welcome to ask us. Our team of experts will see and handle your questions 24/7.

For more information about the epoxy floor and maintenance tips for different types of floors: terrazzo floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors, concrete basements, or hardwood floors, keep reading our latest blogs.