How to Clean Laminate Floors with Steam Mop Easily

How to Clean Laminate Floors with Steam Mop- MAKE IT SHINY!

Currently, laminate floors are quite popular because they give a house an air of glamour and affluence. Laminate floors are inexpensive, easy to install, and can last up to 25 years.

Because of this, care must be taken when they are used. So here is a complete guide on how to clean laminate floors with a steam mop.

You can even clean laminate flooring with a simple broom but harsh chemicals and detergents can damage laminate flooring and your floor wouldn’t last long for 25 years.

Can You Use a Steam Mop on Laminate Flooring?

Yes, you can use the steam mop for laminate flooring due to the ability of these mops to clean hard laminate floors.

Also, a steam mop is able enough to eliminate all types of hairs, dust, and other particles on the floor. Above all, a steam mop is safe for laminate floors.

There are a variety of tools available for cleaning laminate floors but we would suggest a steam mop as the best method. There are a number of reasons why we recommend a steam mop:

  • A lightweight steam mop is easy to carry and maneuver.
  • Embedded dirt and semi-permanent stains are easily removed with a little steam.
  • A steam mop will not only give you a clean laminate floor but it will also make the floor 99.9% bacterial-free, keeping your house safe for your children.
  • Normally, people bring muddy shoes into the house, which ruin the laminate floor, in this case, a steam mop is of great help.
  • The steam mop can also remove toddler and pet waste with no problem.
  • With a steam mop, the laminate floor can be cleaned frequently and it can be moved beneath the furniture.

How to Clean Laminate Floor Using Steam Mop?

The following steps should be taken into consideration when steam cleaning laminate floors:

  • Clean the pad and install it.
  • Fill the water tank to its fullest capacity.
  • Plug the switch of the cord into the wall.
  • Usually, it takes only 30 seconds to warm the water tank as it is a quick process.
  • Heave up the trigger to produce steam. Wait until the steam starts rising.
  • Now your steam mop is ready. Using steam, mop your laminate floor. It will take all the dirt off.
  • The steam mops are almost the same in operation. First, assemble the steam mop it usually comes with a 3-part mop, steamer, and pads.

Precaution measures while cleaning a laminate floor

Although steam mopping on laminate floors is an ideal way to clean floors here are some precautions with are necessary to consider.

Some of these precautions and presenting measures are given below:

  • You should use distilled water instead of tap water because tap water can cause serious damage.
  • Do not leave a steam mop unattended especially when it is producing steam since steam will damage your laminate floor if it moves under the plank.
  • Steam should only be used on a low setting and at maximum speed on black and semi-permanent supports; this precaution will help to protect the laminate’s core.
  • Never use a dirty pad – it will ruin your cleaning. Use microfiber pads and wash them frequently.
  • You can only use the steam mop to clean the laminate floor twice a week or when you want to deep clean the whole house.

How to clean a Laminate floor without streaking?

Usually, laminate flooring is installed for long-term use. Laminate flooring has planks inside and the core layer prevents it from streaking, however, negligence while cleaning will cause a streak and wipe off the color.

However, certain factors can also cause streaks and scratches. For instance, if your Laminate wooden floor is exposed to sunlight throughout the day, it will develop streaks.

Following are some tips that can be used to clean laminate floors without streaking.

Use Steam Mops

Never mop a laminate floor with a standard mop, instead use the steam mop.

Conventional mops cannot fully clean the wooden surface since they leave behind dirt and grime, which results in streaking.

Instead, use a good steam mop like Bissell, Hoover, or Shark. They will not only make your cleaning quick but will also take off all the dirt, grime, and spots.

Shark professional steam mops are the best choice for this purpose.

Usage of Microfiber pads

Choose your pads sensibly because they matter to a great extent. Rather than using spongy, dirty, and rough pads, try using microfiber pads that are soft and don’t cause streaking on the laminate floor.

Scratches and streaks occur due to the rough surface of spongy pads.

Precision use of water

When cleaning, make sure your steam mop is spinning the water. Do not let the water stand on the laminate floor for long, it will change the color and create streaks.

Further, if you practice using less water while cleaning laminate floors, you will be able to clean them without streaks.

Steam setting and Alcohol solution

Continuous exposure to steam on a single spot will eliminate a laminate floor’s shine, and long-lasting capacity, and produce streaks.

To remove streaks from laminate floors, you can use different methods like adding alcohol and vinegar to the water tank of the steam mop.

This method is very effective when it comes to removing streaks.

Regular cleaning

In case your laminate floor is being used but has not been cleaned, it will lose radiance and automatically get streaks and fade the color. Thus, it is important to clean it on a regular basis at least once a week.

However, frequent cleaning like 6 times a week can ruin it. Therefore, it is better to clean once a week.

Hence, regular cleaning is another way of steam cleaning laminate flooring to make the floor as clean as it is new.

Harsh Chemicals and polish

Streaks on laminate floors are often caused by harsh chemicals, oil soaps, tap water-heavy detergents, and abrasive tools. These products can be extremely dangerous to laminate floors.

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It’s a good idea to use hot distilled water as it gives unrivaled steam that removes dirt, grease, and bacteria easily, just like this it will help you clean laminate floors without streaking.

You can also use steam mops on laminate wood floors due to their highest efficiency.

Wrapping Up Steam Mop for Laminate Floors

Hopefully, you got the answer for how to clean the laminate floors with a steam mop easily. The steps we described above are easy to use and are based on our experience.

Furthermore, a steam mop can remove harmful microorganisms besides dust and dirt particles. It eliminates viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances for human health.

Hence, it makes you free of sanitizing the floor.

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