How to Dry Carpets Quickly after Cleaning

Recently, we have dealt with complaints that carpets remain moist or wet for hours after cleaning. The carpets were observed to dry much slower once vacuumed or steam mopped regardless of the cleaning method used. It remains wet for more than 5 hours after steam cleaning, and in the case of professional cleaning, it can take up to 24 hours!

 Reason for wet carpets 

While cleaning the carpets, we use water, especially hot water, which helps in deep cleaning, removing bacteria and germs and sanitizing the carpet. Despite that, water reaches deep into the carpets. Sometimes we visualize the top of the carpet as clean, but deep down carpets are full of moisture. The more water you introduce into carpets, the longer it takes to dry.

 Side effects of wet carpets 

After cleaning your whole house your carpets remain wet so what’s the point of cleaning? On the other hand, who likes to walk on wet carpets? Furthermore, doesn’t it feel creepy to walk on a wet carpet?

In general, a good quality carpet can last more than 10 years, but after cleaning, if it remains wet for a long time, it means that its life expectancy will be shortened.

Wet or damp carpets can cause serious damage to laminate floors. Wet carpets can result in mold. If carpet padding is exposed to water, it will fade the color of the floor and ruin it.

Further, wet carpets make bacteria and germs that lead to diseases like asthma, skin allergies, flu, and nose etching. Additionally, damp carpets spread stinks making your indoor air dirty. It is therefore important to take care of your carpet and keep it dry.

how to dry carpet after cleaning

 Methods to dry the carpet after cleaning 

Following are the research and experiments, we have come up with the help of these methods you can  make sure your carpets are dry:

  •  Natural way use of windows 

Here is the most frequently used method to dry the carpet. If you have a window in your room after cleaning a carpet, open the window widely. Direct sunlight will accelerate the evaporation process of your carpet.

With the aid of an open window, fresh air will arrive inside and air that contains moisture will be removed in this way the drying process tends to speed up.

  •  A ceiling fan or desk fan 

Now here comes the problem: what if you don’t have a window in a room? There is another solution. Turning on the ceiling fan works better if your carpet rests underneath it. This is a plus point. It will increase the speed of air and it will protect you from the smelly and damp air outside.

Using a desk fan is a viable alternative if you don’t have a ceiling fan. However, I would still prefer to use a ceiling fan.

  •  Use of blower (blow-dry) 

When your carpet is cleaned professionally, it can take up to 24 hours to dry. That’s a long time, but what if you want your carpet to get dry instantly?

Usually, blow-drying is used by professionals, but if you need dry-cleaning of the carpet urgently then you can use this method. It is one of the quickest ways without any drawbacks.

  •  Shop-Vac 

When your carpet becomes wet, it is best to use a shop vac. Since shop vacs are expensive, you shouldn’t own them, just rent them from the nearby market.

Shop-vac is specially made to help dry wet carpets. It can also be used on dry carpets but preferred to suck up water.

The shop-vac can be used over and over and will never ruin your carpets. It will not only absorb the water but it will help make your carpet look new and fresh

  •  Dehumidifier 

The primary purpose of a dehumidifier is to keep the carpet dry, as it absorbs moisture from the air. Turning one on overnight in dry mode is the best way to ensure your carpet remains dry.

  •  Use of dry towels 

There’s no problem if there’s only a little bit of water on the carpet; only a few dry towels will do. You can just toss towels on the wet area and walk on it. The towels will absorb the water, so squeeze the towels and repeat the process until the carpet is completely dry.

  •  Use of Steam Mops 

You can use your best steam mop for drying your carpet. For this, you have to put distilled water in a mop as tap water is not good for it. This is the most used method of drying carpets nowadays.

You can also watch videos for more detailed learning.

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