How to Use Shark Steam Mop

How to Use Shark Steam Mop Easily- Shark Steam Mop Maintenance Tips

With the help of a Shark steam mop, it becomes very easy to scavenge the dirt from hardwood, ceramic and, sealed floor as well on carpets without ruining the whole day. In this article, you will learn how to use shark steam mop on laminate floors and other types of floors. The procedure to use on all floors is the same. However, some guides are necessary to keep in mind.

You do not need to spend much time on it or exert a lot of effort. Although, before using anything you must have some knowledge of how to use it otherwise you must be mistaken. The following steps will make it very easy for you to use the shark steam mop without any difficulty.

? How to Use Shark Steam Mop?

Step by step guide to how do you use a shark steam mop. All these steps are based on our experience by professionals.

Step 1: Instruction Book and Checking

First of all, if you have just received your shark steam mop from amazon. Check if the box is sealed. It will verify that it is new. After that, check if all parts are in their accurate positions before assembling the steam mop.

If not, you can call Amazon and they will repair it or substitute it for you. You should read the instruction book carefully after analyzing all this, as it will improve your knowledge about the mop.

After knowing the instruction follow these steps and learn how to use a shark mop. This step is basic and you can miss it if you already know some common precautions.

Step 2: Install the pads

The next step in using a shark is to install the pads. Do not install the pads while the switch is plugged in as it can result in electric shock and severely damage your hands.

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Always use clean pads and try to use soft ones since they are better for cleaning and wiping the dust off. Also, change the pads frequently – especially when they get dirty – because cleaning with dirty pads will only ruin your house. You can either machine wash or hand wash the pads.

Step 3: Fill the tank

Make sure you refill the tank again before plugging the switch. Don’t fill the tank while the switch is plugged. Tap water should not be used in shark steam mops as it can cause issues. So always use distilled water without any detergents.

Step 4: Heat-up time

You can plug in the switch once the tank is full. The Shark steam mop heats up in just 30 seconds. Your shark steam mop is now ready to be used.

Step 5: Steam setting

Make sure you are using sharks where you intend to use them. Use the low steam setting on regular cleaning and furniture. For stains and semi-permanent dirt, use high steam.

Step 6: Continuous streamflow and standing position

While using a steam mop, take care not to use continuous steam on the same spot as it causes vitiation. If there is an emergency, you will need to go somewhere, turn the steam off, and place the shark steam mop in a standing position.

Step 7: Back and forth

For scavenging, constantly move the shark in a back-and-forth position. By using it, the cleaning process will be faster and less effort-intensive.

Step 8: Turn off

When cleaning is done, you can turn off the steam mop and remember to empty the tank. Also, remove the pads if they are dirty. Keep the shark in a standing position for next time.

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? Why use Shark Steam Mop?

When it comes to cleaning, steam mops are the best thing ever. With the help of a steam mop, it becomes very easy to remove dirt from hardwood, ceramic, and sealed floors as well as carpet without ruining the whole day. Steam mops are more effective than ordinary mops. You can also check our review on the best shark vacuum for pet & human hairs.

✔️ Advantages of Shark Steam Mop

For the past decade, shark steam mop has been the most popular and trendy steam mop. More users have been satisfied with Shark’s features and scavenging ability than any other steam mop on the market. Here are some of the advantages of shark steam mop:

  • With their appealing designs, Shark offers the best steam mops and best central vacuum systems which are suitable for your modern and well-furnished houses.
  • No worries if you have a limited budget, Shark offers fine steam mops at an affordable price.
  • Shark has a wide selection of pet-friendly steam mops to choose from if you have pets in your house.
  • With its 30 foot long cord, the Shark APEX AZ1002 can cover a large area without plugging the switch in again and again.
  • This feature is one of the most prominent features in shark mops. It helps to reduce allergies and freshen the air. It is also recommended for asthma patients.
  • The Dual-Clean and Uplift technology makes it more portable and a handheld cleaner, so you can easily clean the couch, stairs and kitchen racks, etc.
  • There are different steam settings for different floor types so you can use steam based on the floor type.
  • The majority of steam cleaners are dangerous for hardwood floors; they fade the color and shorten their life.
  • The majority of steam cleaners are highly dangerous for hardwood floors. They fade their color and reduce their life span however Shark has sincerely considered this issue and you can use it on Hardwood floors without any worries.
  • The Shark does not use any type of toxic detergents and chemicals in this way, so your cleaning will remain chemical-free.
  • Last but not the least, Shark gives a brand new look to the floor, and you only have to use it twice a week.

? Can You Use A Shark Steam Mop On Hardwood Floors?

Yes, sharp stem mops are recommended on hardwood floors due to their stability and high strength. Most people won’t recommend using any substance or product on hardwood floors because of their sensitivity, and also they can catch breakage or chemicals easily. But when talking about the shark steam mop, the process is total.

These steps mops do not damage or decrease the shining of floors. And here are some steps to use shark mops on hardwood floors:

  • First of all, seal your floor so that steam mop does not affect the internal surfaces or it does not absorb there.
  • Now gently dry out the hardwood floor using a dryer or any other common element that you find helpful.
  • Next, use a shark steam mop and gently apply it on the floor, following the above steps.
  • Now again, dry the floor.

Note: Don’t use any other hardwood floor chemical or substance as these are highly sensitive to these things.

Hence, shark steam mop solution is best for the laminate floors.

Can You Use Shark Steam Mop On Laminate Floors?

How to fill shark steam mop? Yes, you can use a shark step mop on laminate floors instead of any other common shark mop. A common or a traditional shark mop effect negatively on laminate and is the biggest reason for its early breakage or sudden shine decrease. However, a shark steam mop cleans and sanitize laminate floors efficiently.

How To Fill Shark Steam Mop?

Watch this video to fill up your shark mop:

Shark Steam Maintenance Tips

Although it’s straightforward using a shark mop, here are some tips that can lead to the product’s durability.

  • Never try to turn ON the shark when there is no water inside it
  • Don’t allow the mop to move automatically. Instead, move it by hands
  • Once you have done with the cleaning, wash the mop cloth
  • Keep the mop in the proper place after usage

Shark’s steam mops are the best steam mops as per our experience and the reviews by users. Below are some of the best ones preferred by users for cleaning.

Hope now you get enough information on how to use shark steam cleaner. For more information and update keep reading our latest blogs.

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