How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool | The Easiest Way

Vacuuming the ground pool is an important task nowadays as everyone wants to neat and clean the vacuum free of smell and any other types of disease-causing microorganisms. So, in this post, we provided some steps on how to vacuum an above-ground pool. 

Most people think that it is a very tedious task to vacuum above ground pool. Yes, it is, but it requires some attention as you change the water chemistry in the collection. The reason is that unbalanced water can create complexes due to harmful chemicals and other substances in it. 

What is Pool Vacuuming?

Vacuuming above-ground pools makes the water clean by removing unwanted chemicals, organisms, and other substances.

It is so that there is a healthy and breathy environment in the collection that you use for regular swimming.

There are different ways of vacuuming above-ground pools, and we mentioned only one, which our professionals recommend after its implementation and effectiveness.

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Best Way to Vacuum Above-Ground Pool

Let’s now see the critical apparatus and procedure to vacuum an above-ground pool.

Required Materials

  • A Vacuum Roller or Brush
  • A Telescoping Pole
  • A Glass Pipe
  • A Skimmer Pool

Steps to Follow for Vacuuming an Above-Ground Pool

Let’s now see the steps one by one

1. Removing Large Elements

The first step, which is very easy and basic, is to remove large particles, including leaves, debris, and other visible substances.

These large particles block the water removal from the pool, create a foul smell, and make the water dirty.

For the sake of removing this debris, you can use a pool skimmer, a long pipe, or any other support which you consider that it’s best. 

Although many elements and other supporters are available for the sake of removing debris, all those are going to be pricey, and we don’t recommend buying and implementing those.

Instead, we recommend all this be done manually. 

2. Attach the Vacuum Head to Telescoping Pole or Hose

It is the second step which is easy but needs your attention. Gently attach the head of the telescope or the hose to the vacuum.

In this way, all the further unwanted derbies that are unable to be removed in the first step are easily removed. All this occurs by the force of water towards the hose or telescope you attached. 

3. Lower Down Vacuum Assembly Into Water

It is another crucial step where you immerse the vacuum assembly into the water. After absorbing this, make sure that it reaches the end of the above-ground pool water. 

Now fit the extension pole or telescope pole such that water directly reaches the bar by leaving behind the harmful particles in it.

On the similar hand, water should not be able to return to the pool. And all this could be achieved by the correct pool vacuum setup.

4. Filling Up the Vacuum Hose with Water

Now fill up the vacuum hose with water so that there are no trapped air particles and air bubbles in the vacuum hose. This is necessary such that the water outlet is clearer now. 

Now hold the pole with one hand and fill it with water quickly. In this way, air particles and other unwanted small and invisible particles are removed from the groundwater. 

Now again, submerge the hose in water such that water passes into it quickly. In this way, different air bubbles and air particles are removed to make the waterway clean and free of any resistance.

The end goal is to provide an endless and constant water supply if needed.

5. Attach Hose Pipe and Skimmer

This is the time to use the other apparatus and material you bought before starting this procedure.

Now remove the hose from the submerged water you did in the previous step and directly attach it to the skimmer.

A skimmer doesn’t have other suction parts, so it is to set an easy above-ground pool skimmer vacuum plate.

It is not an easy step, just like the above ones, but the need is to give an eye view and spend some time to set this all up.

This step may take more time than others. So, keep calm and gently implement this procedure. 

6. Vacuuming of Ground Floor

Now it’s the step of the entire vacuuming floor and leads to the final stages of setting up a pool vacuum.

Take the telescoping pole and warmly make movements on the water floor. You can repeat this process until you are satisfied that the floor is clean enough and free of bacteria, viruses, and other substances.

Don’t go into a rush and repeat this step several times. The results are more satisfying once you have done with the overall procedure. 

7. Detach all the Apparatus

It is the final stage of vacuuming an above-ground pool where the only need is to remove all apparatus from the collection. From the telescope hole to the skimmer, remove all things gently from the pool and water. 

Now wash the pool be open and clean water. You can also brush and a good detergent if needed for further cleaning. Put detergent on the collection’s lower surface of the ground and rub the brush on it.

In this way, its floor becomes free of algae and fungi and makes the floor shiny. Again wash the whole pool with open water by gently pouring water into the pool ground and above surfaces. 

How to Manually Vacuum Above Ground Pool Video

You can learn how to manually vacuum the above-ground pool further by watching this below video.


How do I vacuum my above-ground pool without a skimmer?

This is a straightforward procedure. Watch this video to learn about how to vacuum above ground pool without the use of a skimmer. Video Link:

How often does a pool need to be vacuumed?

It depends upon the performance of your pool and also how clean or unclean it is. However, on average, you can do this once a week.

Do you need a pool vacuum for an above-ground pool?

Yes, it is necessary to implement a pool vacuum above ground because it faces dust particles, harmful chemicals, and air-borne diseases causing particles.

Should you brush a pool before vacuuming?

Most of the time, people don’t use it, and it is not a complex and fast role. However, if your pool is too dirty or unclean, you can brush your pool before vacuuming.

How do you remove sediment from the bottom of the pool?

By doing above-ground pool vacuuming, this debris is easy to remove.

Final Verdict

Above is a complete detail and guide on how to vacuum an above-ground pool using some easy steps. Furthermore, we mentioned the best way to vacuum above ground pool used which is an issue now. 

All pool owners can implement these steps to make the pool and water clean, free of disease-causing substances. It also aims to make your collection beautiful.