Why are Vacuum Cleaners so loud and how to make them quieter?

There are some of us who hate vacuuming and there are those of us who love it, myself included. However, there is one thing we all can agree on and that is there’s nothing like the peace and quiet of a well-functioning vacuum machine. Unless, of course, that vacuum cleaner starts making an ear-piercing noise … Read more

Best Vacuums for Long Hair – Quality Cleaners for Pets & Human in 2022

Best Vacuums for Long Hair

Vacuum cleaners have become essential in cleaning. They give us a dirt-free house withal users ( pet owners) complain vacuums cannot collect long hairs of pets. Pet’s shedding hair is the reason you find pet hairs on your clothes,  kitchen, washroom, and everywhere. These hairs are not only the reason for disruption in cleaning but … Read more