Purifier VS Humidifier – Which One Should You Pick?

There are several concerns about purifiers and humidifiers. It appears that the purifier and humidifier are the same but they are not. People think they have the same purpose while they are both extremely different and have their own unique and specific purposes. Here are some differences between a humidifier and a purifier.

In order to remove pollutants from the air, air purifiers are used. Purifiers are mainly used to create safe and clean air. Purifiers don’t use water nor do they produce moisture. It just captures the dirt from indoor air and produces fresh air.

On the other hand, a humidifier intends to create the humidity in the indoor air. Humidifiers use water either by evaporating or by ultrasonic ways it will create water vapors and develop a moist air.

Purifier VS Humidifier

Purifier VS Humidifier – Which One is Good?

Here is a detailed discussion of both Purifier and Humidifier. It will help you to choose what you require.

 Working of purified 

As mentioned above, air purifiers are installed to ensure germ-free air. Its filters help to capture small dirt particles, smoke, and animal dander. In this way, all of these particles remain in the filter. The air will be cleaned by the purifier. Purifiers using HEPA technology can catch a particle as small as 0.3 microns.

 Working of Humidifier 

A humidifier can make the temperature cool or warm. As tap water can trigger allergies, it is essential to use distilled water in a humidifier. The humidifier only needs to be filled with water and switched on after a little while. This will develop moisture and finish the dry air.

 Allergy removal 

Poor air quality always triggers a number of allergies. The research shows that indoor air is also a source of infections and allergies. Purifiers can be a huge help in controlling all allergies. By using negative ionization it will capture pollutant particles down to 0.01 microns.

It also removes bacteria, chemicals, and airborne diseases. Air purifiers can remove up to 99% of airborne pollutants. If the contaminated air has been filtered, thus it reduces allergy chances right away.

Withal humidifier is not made for the prevention of allergies since it cannot give purified air. Furthermore, if the humidifier is not properly cleaned, it will increase allergies and bacteria. If you want to get rid of allergies, we would not recommend buying a humidifier.

 Moist and cool air 

Purifiers only remove germs and have no link to the cool air. Purifiers do not use water to combat the heat in indoor air. They can’t make the indoor air moist nor can they produce low temperatures.

With an evaporation humidifier, water vapor is emitted, which helps in the reduction of heat and high temperatures. Humidifiers can make the air fresh and cool by producing up to 60% humidity. Humidifiers can be used overnight.

 Idle for the newborn babies 

Newborn babies are easy prey to viruses and germs. Hence it is necessary to take care of them. Otherwise, they will fall ill, and if they are in a severe condition, they may develop asthma or a chest infection.

A purifier is the best recommendation for newborn babies since it will give them fresh air. Fresh air is very important for babies. If the parents smoke, a purifier will also remove the smoke, which is highly beneficial for the lungs of the baby. Further purification reduces the bacteria and germs reducing more than 81% of infections and diseases.

Humidifiers do not remove germs but if you want cool air for a child, go for it. If the room temperature becomes colder, the humidifier is dangerous for a baby and can bring hazardous effects.

 Prevention from the viruses 

Different viruses are spinning these days. Here we have to be very heedful for our health and take all the essential measures to remain safe and secure. A number of people have started using purifiers and humidifiers for virus prevention. If you want to defend yourself from viruses, using a humidifier could be more profitable.

Purifies are suitable for allergies like nose etching and flu but for harmful viruses, they are not much beneficial. They can’t stop major problems like asthma.

The humidifier with help of cool air develops a smooth breathing passage and fresh air. Cool air helps to ease the sinuses and is a beneficial atmosphere for an asthma patient. It is analyzed that by the use of humidifier breathing problems (asthma) has been decreased. So, use a humidifier if you have an allergy problem.


In conclusion, We would like to tell you that both purifiers and humidifiers can be used together in the same room. Do not place both of them closed since water vapor can interfere with the humidifier filtration process. These two technologies complement each other in the best ways.

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