Vehicle Wrap Pricing Calculator

Are you looking to create a custom vehicle wrap or graphics package? Our vehicle wrap pricing calculator is designed to help you make an informed decision on the cost of your project.

With this calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate how much your custom vehicle wrap might cost.

Whether you’re looking for a full-wrap or partial-wrap, this calculator will help you figure out exactly what kind of budget you need to set aside for the project.

How does our Vehicle Wrap Pricing Calculator work?

Our Vehicle Wrap Pricing Calculator works by helping customers determine their own unique budget based on four main criteria:

Vehicle Type

Tapping this option will allow customers to select options such as truck wraps, bus wraps, van wraps, car wraps, etc…

Moreover, they can enter specific details about their vehicle so needed information can be provided regarding size restrictions/complexities/cost considerations, etc., for their particular model/make, etc.,


Customers can enter either approximate measurement values (in feet or meters) or upload an image with exact measurements via our website if they know them precisely.

This allows us to provide detailed pricing estimates specific to each customer’s individual needs. No two projects are alike after all.


Customers can either choose one from our extensive portfolio or provide their own custom designs. We offer both single-color designs and full-color designs depending upon individual preferences/requirements.

In addition, customers also have access to advanced design features like reflective elements and specialty finishes depending upon specific requirements.

These features often incur additional costs but provide enhanced visual appeal & longevity.


The number of vehicles being wrapped at once often impacts pricing due to bulk discounts available on large orders.

Customers can select various options here ranging from 1-10+ vehicles depending upon their requirements & preferences.

Once all information has been inputted into our calculator accurately & regularly updated accordingly over time, customers can receive accurate estimates.

The estimates include total cost breakdowns, estimated lead times according to industry standards compliant with local regulations, and guidelines regarding installation processes & safety procedures related thereto.

What is included in a vehicle wrap quote?

When getting a quote for your project, there are several key components that should always be included:


This includes any vinyl materials necessary for completing the job such as printed vinyl, overlaminates (for protection), laminating films (for protection), etc.

It is important to note that printed vinyl is more expensive than blank vinyl because they require additional advanced printing processes and special equipment for installation.


This includes any labor costs associated with designing and installing your wrap such as graphic design fees (if applicable), printer services (if applicable), installation fees from your chosen shop(s), etc.


This includes any shipping costs associated with getting supplies/materials from Point A to Point B during the course of creating/installing your project.

For example, shipping material from the supplier to the shop to the customer in order to complete the job properly.


Depending on where you live or what type of business you have this could include sales tax on materials/labor/shipping costs and also other types of taxes such as value-added tax (VAT).

Additional Costs

Any additional miscellaneous charges such as disposal fees or storage fees may also apply depending on where you reside or what type of business you operate.

Make sure these are clearly indicated in any quotes received prior to engaging with a supplier.

What factors influence vehicle wrap pricing?

The cost of your vehicle wrap will be influenced by several factors including the type of vehicle, the size of the area to be wrapped, and the complexity of the design.

Keep in mind that some vehicles are more difficult to work with than others due to shape/size/curves etc., so it’s important that you factor in any specialized tools/equipment that may be required to complete the job properly.

Additionally, larger vehicles typically require more time and material than smaller vehicles, which may also impact the final cost of your project.

Final Verdict

Vehicle wraps are an incredibly powerful way for businesses looking for innovative ways to market themselves without breaking the bank.

We hope this article has helped illuminate some key points about how costs are calculated as well as some benefits associated with investing in wrapped vehicles for marketing purposes.

To get started with estimating costs for your project use our convenient online tool “Vehicle Wrap Pricing Calculator” today.